Vibroseis Exploration

Stratigraphy, Faults, Hydrogeology, Reservoirs, …

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Reflection Seismology

Stratigraphy, Faults, Hydrogeology, Reservoirs, …

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Refraction Seismology

Bedrock geometry, Landslides, Alteration, Geotechnical parameters, …

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MASW & Geotechnics

Bedrock geometry, Landslides, Weathering, Geotechnical parameters, …

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Electrical methods

Aquifer research, Quarry / Gravel pit, Landslides, Mining, Foundations, …

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Buried waste, Networks and services, Archaeology, Cathodic protection, …

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Buried waste, Pipes and conduits, Archaeology, Mineralizations, …

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Gravity Exploration

Void & Karst detection, Weathering, Archaeology, Buried structures, Density calculation, Deep geothermal exploration, …

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Ground Penetrating Radar

Archaeology, Utility mapping, Structure inspection, Sedimentary cover, Cavity detection, …

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Sedimentation monitoring, Cables placement, Underwater inspection, …

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We are experts on applied geophysics. Design, acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical surveys are our key competence. If you’ve a challenging geological issue, we’re here to help.

Environment & risks

The subsurface imaging capacity of geophysics is a key component of an geological or environmental site assessment.

Buried waste, landslides, aquifers all have a specific signature and can be investigated by dedicated geophysical measurements.

Civil engineering

Civil engineers and geotechnicians require accurate subsurface information. Geophysics can assist optimizing the cost of expensive preliminary recognitions.

Joint geophysical methods provide extensive information for geological modeling.


Information on stratigraphy and structural geology is often scarce. Geophysical results are an essential source of data for every geothermal, mining or oil & gas prospect.

Geophysics is the cheapest way to obtain geological information up to several kilometer of depth.