Quantification of evacuated sediment volumes following drainage of a hydroelectric barrage

Alpine hydroelectric infrastructures are often problematic due to large quantities of sediments being transported into the lakes by torrents. The quantification of sediment input is very important for the management of these plants and also affects the planning of purges.

Bathymetric campaigns between 2012 and 2015 in an Alpine lake have allowed the exact localization and determination of large sediment volumes evacuated by purging operations.

Successive imaging allows the quantification of sedimentary dynamics

Large channels were detected with repeated bathymetric measurements. The determination of sediment volumes evacuated from the barrage lake are essential for its management.

A lightweight boat is easy to mobilize, even at high altitudes
Location Switzerland
Instrument EM 3002
Positioning DGPS & Inertial station
Max.depth 100m
Area 0.7km2
Personnel 3 people
Duration 1 day