Regional geological recognition for the implementation of a cantonal geothermal concept

In order to advance pre-existing geological models and identify geothermal potential, 8 high resolution reflection seismology profile lines were conducted with a 50’000 pounds vibrator.

A large team performance ensured high productivity and adequate security when working on roads or in urban environments. One line was acquired by night on a busy road and involved significant roadside security measures.

The resulting sections had a greater investigation depth than the initial goal, which allowed an improved calibration for interpretation.

Reflection seismology is able to highlight geological interface in both quaternary units and bedrocks

The investigated depth from the sections in this study was much greater than expected. Information on Triassic and Permo-Carboniferous structures are observed.

Heavy traffic forced us to work by night in a dense urban area
Location Switzerland
Instrument Sercel 388
Geometry 240 geophones, 20m spacing
Positioning DGPS
Source IVI Mark 4 – 50,000 lbs
Length 39.6 kilometers
Personnel 35 people
Duration 9 days