Large scale geological and geotechnical characterization for an industrial site

Preliminary studies for heavy infrastructures often include a significant amount of geotechnical recognition through boreholes. A refraction seismology / MASW campaign was conducted in this type of framework in Azerbaijan.

This campaign was held in a semi-desertic environment during two months. The team was comprised of our geophysicists, our topographers and local workers.

The acquired seismic velocities allowed the calculation and creation of sections for many common mechanical parameters. This resulted in positioning optimization for boreholes and geotechnical tests.

Crossing profiles allows for the creation of 2.5D surface for each geological interfaces

The use of parallel profiles and adequate data processing allowed map creation for geological boundary depth. Here, the depth of the fresh rock is shown.

A powerful seismic source allows excellent quality results in various environment
Location Asia
Instrument Geode
Geometry 48 geophones, 5m spacing
Positioning DGPS
Source 8kJ weightdrop
Length 66.5 kilometers
Personnel 16 people
Duration 51 days