Characterization of the contact between gravel and moraine for the assessment of an old landfill

The assessment of old landfills requires knowledge about the geometry (depth and continuity) of the base of the infill.

The acquisition of three parallel electrical tomography profiles allowed the identification of the contacts between gravels, infill and the underlying moraine. Here, a strong contrast in resistivities was found and the different lithologies could clearly be identified.

The tomographies were coupled with electrical soundings, aimed at improving the depth estimates of a resistive body that was indicated by a preliminary profiling survey.

Resistant gravel bodies are clearly identified

The profiles show a resistive cover at the surface, over an relatively good conductor. (moraine containing more marl / clay).

Our Syscal Pro resistivity-meter is a very tough equipment able to work in harsh environment
Location Switzerland
Instrument Syscal Pro
Geometry 96 electrodes, 2m spacing
Positioning DGPS
Sequence Wenner-Schlumberger
Length 750 meters
Personnel 5 people
Duration 2 days