Detection of voids due to gypsum dissolution on future construction sites

The presence of gypsum is almost always linked to a heightened risk of underground voids. As part of the construction of future houses, terrain recognition showed signs of acute gypsum dissolution. Void detection is precise with microgravity, which makes it the technique of choice for such framework.

Two microgravity profiles were acquired atop of the voids, allowing adequate modeling.

The resulting modeled voids correlated excellently with latter observations.

Gravity anomaly profiles show the location of decompression areas

Void modeling through the measured anomaly results in a shallow 3 meter diameter sphere. The void matches the latter terrain observations.

Gravity measurements were done to assess the dimension of observed cavities
Location Switzerland
Instrument Scintrex CG-5
Positioning DGPS & automatic levelling
Geometry 2 profiles
Stations 40
Personnel 2 people
Duration 1 day