Positioning and characterization of metallic object at a contaminated site

At a sports ground constructed on a landfill possibly containing metallic waste, a magnetic survey was conducted in order to delimit these contaminated areas, to detect the presence of potential large metallic objects and to identify areas with large metal concentrations.

The densely spaced measurements allowed a detailed mapping of the site and the location of a great number of magnetic anomalies. This proved the presence of numerous metallic waste and barrels.

These measurements were combined with electrical profiles to delimit the depth of the infilled area and to detect buried clay layers.

Magnetic anomalies mapping allows for precise positioning of metallic waste

Map of the magnetic field in the study area, showing the perturbations in the field caused by man-made objects.

Magnetic methods are easily mobilized in all environments
Location Switzerland
Instrument G-858, G-856
Positioning DGPS
Sampling 5Hz
Area 15,000m2
Personnel 2 people
Duration 1 day