Pipeline positioning in a rural area

The pipe census is essential to the maintenance of different networks (water, gas, electricity, etc.). In rural areas, accurate positioning of these objects is sometimes unknown, especially for older pipelines.

Studies made with an EM instrument capable of measuring several investigation depths led to the creation of a 3D block. The data
clearly shows the pipe’s position, about 2m below ground level. The limestone excavation is also observed.

The rapid and non-invasive acquisition in this type of issue permits a quick response to client demands.

Advanced visualization tools increase the accuracy of 3D interpretation

The results are showed as a 3D volume and can be interpreted using advanced visualization techniques. This allows an accurate positioning of sought objects.

The DualEM is a very lightweight geophysical instrument, quickly mobilized
Location Switzerland
Instrument DualEM 421
Positioning DGPS
Geometry Continuous measures
Area 0.5 hectares
Personnel 2 people
Duration 0.25 days