Tectonic feature characterization for a preliminary study for heavy infrastructures

Preliminary studies for heavy and sensitive infrastructure construction require a detailed analysis of seismic risk (faults).

A high frequency vibrator was of choice for the requirements of this study. Over 27 kilometers of very high resolution seismic exploration were acquired within this project.

A detailed analysis allowed not only the creation of P-wave sections, but also of very high resolution S-wave sections in the first tens of meters.

3D visualization is of great help in data interpretation and geological modeling

Parallel profile acquisition and result interpretation through 3D software allows us to create a high precision geological model. In this case, the model is of the first underlying kilometer.

High frequency vibrators are perfectly suited for very high resolution shallow surveys
Location Asia
Instrument Geode
Geometry 96 geophones, 5m spacing
Positioning DGPS
Source IVI MiniVib
Length 27.1 kilometers
Personnel 13 people
Duration 30 days