VS  Profiles and seismic classification of the ground through calculation of the European Norm VS30

The construction of heavy infrastructures requires the estimation of terrain response to earthquakes. New European norms impose the calculation of a representative value (VS30), which is based on VS. MASW are perfectly suited for this purpose.

In the framework of an international railway project, 56 2D MASW profiles were produced to define these VS30 for earthquake engineering.

Several seismic sources were employed depending on the studied ground types (roads, urban areas, fields, rubble).

MASW 2D Sections provide information up to half the spread length

The 2D MASW sections are obtained by spectral analysis of all acquired shots. This allows the visualisation of geological units in the subsurface.

The PEG40 is a small accelerated weightdrop able to be mounted at the rear of any car
Location Europe
Instrument Seistronix EX-12
Geometry 48 geophones, 5m spacing
Positioning DGPS
Source PEG40, shotgun, hammer
Length 5.5 kilometers
Personnel 5 people
Duration 12 days