Regional geological recognition for the implementation of a urban geothermal concept

A reflection seismic survey was performed in the city of Lausanne (CH) to map geological layers relevant to geothermal energy production.

By using a wireless seismic system and a powerful seismic vibrator source we were able to high quality results despite the presence of elevated urban noise levels.

The new subsurface maps allow the estimation of the geothermal potential for the city of Lausanne and the planning of future drilling campaigns.

The investigated depth from the sections in this study was much greater than expected. Information on Triassic and Permo-Carboniferous structures are observed.

Location Switzerland
Instrument Wireless Seismic
Geometry 240 geophones, 25m spacing
Positioning DGPS
Source 2xIVI Mark 4 – 50,000 lbs
Length 42 kilometers
Personnel 35 people
Duration 10 days