Seismic refraction for weather zone assessment in vibroseismic processing

Refraction seismic measurements for the determination of the seismic velocities in the shallow subsurface have been performed close to Valence (F) for our partner Partner Gallego Technic Geophysics.

44 profiles with a length of 240m have been acquired in August 2016. Seismic velocities of the shallow geological layers and the bedrock could be determined to a depth of up to 25m.

Results from this survey will be used for static corrections in reflection seismic processing.

An adequate source choice enable us to ensure good results, even in urban environment

Location France
Instrument Geode Geometrics
Geometry 24 geophones, 5m spacing
Positioning DGPS
Source Weightdrop PEG-40
Length 4.9 kilometers
Personnel 3 people
Duration 4 days