Lithostratigraphy assessment for civil engineering

The design of important infrastructures has to take the composition of the first (tens of) meters of the ground. The target depth depends on the size/weight of the intended structures.

4 electric resistivity sections and 2 hectares of 3D electromagnetism have been acquired to characterize the lithostratigraphy in the first 10-20m below ground level.

Resulting sections and depth slices have allowed for a 3D geological model of gravel, sand and clay units.

Resistivity slice 1 meter below ground level. Gravel (resistive) units are clearly identified and constrast with more conductive, finer, sediments

Location Switzerland
Instrument Syscal Pro DualEM 421
Positioning DGPS
Geometry 96 El. 2.5m spacing Continuous
Length 0.5 km 2 ha
Personnel 4 people
Duration 2 days