Complete PPE is key to a safe work
Safety induction to local workers is essential

Security and Quality


In order to achieve security and quality in all our survey at any scale, our personnel must follow policies and guidelines. We maintain an extensive suite of general or project specific HSE and quality policies.


Safety practices are key to our successful surveysIn order to guarantee proper management and services, Geo2X has received the ISO 9001 certification in December 2014. This certification is the basis of continuous internal improvement within our company. Client satisfaction follow-up has also been established.

Since 2015, the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications have become an integral part of our work procedures. These certifications set standards regarding environmental management, health, and security during our practices.

We have also received quality certifications issued by the Association pour la qualité en géophysique appliquée (AGAP, France).

Health, Security, Environment

Regardless of the location and objective of our practices, we apply strict security criteria for our employees, third parties, infrastructures and the environment.

We commit to the following:

  • Safety practices are key to our successful surveysDo not harm anyone;
  • Protect the environment;
  • Efficiently use resources and energy that our practices require;
  • Transparent communication;
  • Consider local customs;
  • Promote the commitment of all to respect and follow our policy;
  • Promote these engagements to our subcontractors.

By strictly respecting these engagements, we create trusting affiliations with all our partners, clients, employees and third parties.