Public presentation of seismic acquisition
Geological mapping coupled with geophysical acquisition



  • E & P Evaluation reports
  • Processing / Reprocessing
  • Acquisition supervision for all techniques
  • Tender
  • Technical aid


  • Seismic data acquisition and processing (reflection and refraction seismology)
  • Electrical data acquisition and processing
  • Gravity exploration data acquisition and processing
  • Borehole data acquisition and processing

Expertise and versatility

Our team’s noteworthy knowledge in all geophysical techniques allows us to provide services of expertise and consulting in the following areas:

  • Processing, reprocessing of raw data, data processing supervision
  • Tender (writing and analysis)
  • On site supervision for all onshore / offshore geophysical techniques (client representative)
  • Technical aid, assistance in choosing adequate geophysical methods for individual situations, geological interpretation assistance

Training in geophysics

Training of local engineersOur engineers at Geo2X are at your service for training in applied geophysics, sharing their years of worldwide acquired experience.

This training primarily addresses geologists or geotechnicians eager to grasp the basics of geophysics, data acquisition and result interpretation.

Training is adjusted as required to meet the specific needs of each of our clients and can be coordinated anywhere in the world.

Adequate and routinely updated course material is available during sessions.