Partnership between roXplore gmbh & Geo2X SA

March 2020

Since 2016, roXplore gmbh is a trusted partner for geophysical acquisition. Starting in 2020, both Roxplore and Geo2X SA will be closer. Geo2X will provide roXplore its worldwide expertise in multimethod geophysics and Roxplore acts as a business representative in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, as well as a consulting seismology expert.

Urban seismic acquisition easier than ever!

March 2020

After more than 6 months and several very successful survey using our new seismic hardware, we are proud to propose more than 500 wireless SmartSolo channels along with our EnviroVibe. This modern combination is perfectly suited for all environments, even previously inaccessible urban areas.

SmartSolo acquisition with EnviroVibe

Geo2X moves!

May 2019

Geo2X is getting bigger! Following the equipment and personnel expansion in the last years, we have moved to new offices in Yverdon-les-Bains, more than doubling the office and storage surface!

Coming soon – EnviroVib

February 2019

To expand our high resolution seismic solutions, we have ordered an EnviroVib (new version of the IVI MiniVib) vibrator! This compact P and S vibrator will allow us to improve the imaging capability, especially in urban environment.

This equipment will be operational in Spring and is already being considered in many projects for geothermal energy, shallow stratigraphy and even R&D.

New equipment – Ground Penetrating Radar

November 2018

In order to expand the imaging solutions that we offer, we purchased a ground penetrating radar (GPR) IDS Opera Duo.

The dual antenna (250Mhz, 700Mhz) allows this instrument to target either geological or man-made structures.

Projets récents

Stabilité de digues

Etude de stabilité de digues en terre par analyse 3D de la répartition de la conductivité

Détection de cavité

Détection de cavités dues à des dissolutions de gypse sur des sites de futures constructions

Caractérisation de karst

Détection de cavité et de zone d’altération dans le toit de couches calcaires pour un complexe gazier