Coming soon – EnviroVib

February 2019

To expand our high resolution seismic solutions, we have ordered an EnviroVib (new version of the IVI MiniVib) vibrator! This compact P and S vibrator will allow us to improve the imaging capability, especially in urban environment.

This equipment will be operational in Spring and is already being considered in many projects for geothermal energy, shallow stratigraphy and even R&D.

New equipment – Ground Penetrating Radar

November 2018

In order to expand the imaging solutions that we offer, we purchased a ground penetrating radar (GPR) IDS Opera Duo.

The dual antenna (250Mhz, 700Mhz) allows this instrument to target either geological or man-made structures.

New dGPS – Arrow Gold

July 2018

The accuracy of topographic measurements in challenging environment such as forests is often one of the most time consuming part of our projects.

To ease this task, we purchased an Arrow Gold dGPS, able to work accurately under denser canopies than our other equipments.

MASW Training

February 2018

Our expert consultant and partner, Dr. Claudio Strobbia, detailed all specifics (principles, applications, and best pratices) of Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) to our whole team.

Such training are key parts of our team’s expertise.

Aerogeophysics short course

April 2017

Our expert consultant, Prof. Em. Emile Klingelé, detailed all specifics of aeromagnetic, aerogravity and aero gamma-spectrometry to our whole team.

Such training are key parts of our team’s expertise.

Opening of Geo2X Africa

November 2016

In order to expand the range of our activities, Geo2X has opened a branch office in Dakar, Senegal.

Our local team in Rufisque will be happy to answer your questions by phone (+221 77 818 96 77) or by email (

Recent Projects

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