Permitting in vineyards
Geological mapping coupled with geophysical acquisition

Client support and permitting

Client support

  • Survey design 2D/3D
  • Scope-of-work definition
  • Tender evaluation
  • Communication support
  • Mapping
  • Vibration monitoring


  • Public & Private permitting
  • Dedicated WebApp and reporting

Client support and survey design

In addition to our standard acquisition services, Geo2X experience in 2D/3D seismic allows us to provide our client with expert support with:

  • Scope-of-work definition
  • Tender evaluations
  • Survey design
  • Non seismic obstacle census and layout optimization, fold maps


PPV measurementsAdequate permitting procedures are key to the success of any seismic project. Modern administrative standards for seismic survey have set important constraints on the exploration workflow, increasing the importance of public information and permitting.

Geo2X dedicated permitting team has successfully conducted several 2D/3D seismic projects in Switzerland. The support of our expert geophysicists allows us to provide optimal information to all involved parties, from public authorities to private landowners.


Dataflow, reporting, and communication standardization has become a major topic for any modern complex seismic survey such as the dense urban 3D seismic typically planned for geothermal exploration.

Building on a client request, Geo2X has developed a webApp that has allowed us to speed up our workflow while allowing the client, or even the public, to have a live overview of the project.