Large scale geological and geotechnical characterisation for a gas refinery

Pilot studies for heavy and sensible infrastructures often require a large number of geotechnical investigations with boreholes. A combined refraction seismic / MASW survey was performed in Qatar in a petroleum context, which required special security measures.

Located in the middle of a semi-desert environment, this campaign involved a crew  of geophysicists, topographers and local workers for two months.

The resulting seismic velocities allowed the calculation of sections and slices of different mechanical parameters. Therefore, positioning of geotechnical tests was optimized.

Depths slices highlight variation in soil mechanical parameters such as the Shear Modulus

The use of parallel profiles and an appropriate processing allows the generation of VS sections at a specified depth.

Seismic in desertic environment is tough on men and hardware
Location Middle East
Instrument Geode
Geometry 48 geophones, 5m spacing
Positioning DGPS
Source 8kJ weightdrop, hammer
Length 63.5 kilometers
Personnel 20 people
Duration 8 weeks