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Innovation at Geo2X

We're always looking to see what we can do better tomorrow.

The ongoing search for innovative solutions to the most complex problems has led us to develop the following lines of research:

Leader in the developpement of Ultra High Resolution Seismic survey (UHRS), for close sub-surface Seaching for innovative processing and inversions Improve our equipements through internal hardware developpement Developpement of innovative field acquisition software Always eager to collaborate with Universities and research centers
3D Gravimetry modeling
Displacement Monitoring tool
Spectrum Analysis

Numerous projects have been carried out over the years. Close collaborations have been established with the Universities of Lausanne, Geneva, Neuchâtel, EPFL, ETHZ, Delft (NL) and Leeds (UK).



The vast quantities of data produced on our acquisitions, our experience and the specific requirements of each of our customers have enabled us to develop software covering most geophysical methods.
Geo2X, in collaboration with W-Geosoft (a group of geologists, geophysicists, hydrogeologists and developers), has been marketing software since 1988. These products are used worldwide for training and production purposes.
Since 2015, W-Geosoft has been in charge of the further development and marketing of these software products.

W-Geosoft Website