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Customer Support

Our experience for your project

Project support

Geo2X's experience in a wide range of methods enlable us to have the expertise you are looking for. Wether it is for large 2D/3D seismic exploration, to a small high resolution electromagnetic survey, we aim to offer our clients expert support. This support includes, among other things:

Technical specifications definition Processing, reprocessing of raw data and supervision of data processing Evaluation of tender documents Project and geophysical acquisition design Identification of constraints on acquisition, mapping, optimization of geometry, seismic coverage maps Representing our clients for the supervision of onshore/offshore project Feasability Studies, Technical advices, assistance in the choice of geophysical methods applied to each situation, help with geological interpretation.


Follow-up with owners contacted
Access map for the field teams
Acquisition progress monitoring
Good permitting procedures are essential to the success of all seismic acquisition projects !

Modern administrative standards impose numerous constraints on all stages of the subsurface exploration process, increasing the importance of public communication and permitting. Geo2X's permitting team has successfully carried out 2D/3D seismic acquisition projects in Switzerland. This team's interaction with our geophysical experts enables us to provide optimal information to all parties involved, from public authorities to private landowners.

The increasing complexity of modern seismic projects, particularly urban 3D seismic typically used for geothermal exploration, has created new needs in terms of databases and standardization of data flows. Based on an initial request from a customer, Geo2X has developed a webApp that enables us to optimize our entire workflow, while giving the customer, or even the public, access to an overview of the project. This expertise empowered Geo2X to effectively secure permits from hundreds of landowners, ensuring the seamless deployment of thousands of sensors. Our in-house developers will consistently update the app to ensure it meets the client's requirements.