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The Method

Gravimetry studies the spatial variation of the Earth's gravitational field. These variations depend in particular on the inhomogeneous distribution of geological units in the subsurface. A detailed analysis of these variations enables the reconstruction of a density model of the subsoil.

Gravimetry is particularly well suited to the detection of cavities, due to the strong density contrast between a void and its surrounding rock.

Gravimetric exploration is presented in the form of profiles or maps. Microgravimetry focuses on the analysis of small-scale structures, while gravimetry is used to highlight regional variations in geology.

Raw measurements are corrected for the disruptive effects of topography, solar and lunar tides and, in the case of microgravimetry, the effects of buildings and foundations.

What we provide

Microgravimetry measurements Profiles Acquisition Mapping Density calculations
Geological modeling 2D/3D Inversion Advanced interpretation Precise positioning