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Ground Penetrating Radar

The Method

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is based on the emission of electromagnetic waves into the ground, and the detection of reflections of these waves on sub-surface structures. From the travel times of these waves, the position and depth of these objects can be determined.

GPR is frequently used to search for buried structures in the first few meters of the subsurface (pipes, archaeology, civil engineering). The depth of investigation depends on the frequencies emitted and the conductivity of the ground.

Our versatile equipment enables us to detect most buried objects (natural or man-made). The use of multi-channel antennas enables us to rapidly create cross-sections at constant depth and time. These solutions are ideally suited to the three-dimensional positioning of pipes or archaeological structures.

This fast and efficient method allow to strongly reduce the common uncertainty of pipes positionning, and can help reduce costs and unplanned delays in your next project.

What we provide

Advanced interpretation Constant-time slices Constant depth slices
Network mapping 2D/3D visualization Precise positioning